Second Issue is now available

Authors in this Issue:

Theresa Scott-Matthews

Cody W. Higgins

John Palisano 

Scott Deegan

Howard Carlyle 

Dusty Davis

Edmund Stone 

David B. Harrington

Andy Rausch 

David Niall Wilson 

Ryan Woods 

Mawr Gorshin 

Timothy A. Wiseman

Charles Lynne

Thomas S. Gunther 

Dominic Alexander

First Issue

Our First issue is due out October 2019 and will be full to the brim with stories, news, a column and an interview. Make sure you don’t miss the excitement.

Authors in this issue:

Edward Lee 

Häyne Sawbones

Jonathan Grisham 

Ryan Woods

Andy Rausch 

Kelly Evans 

Paul Lubaczewski 

Dusty Davis 

Richard Rumple 

Scott Deegan 

Jim Merwin 

Chris Miller 

M. Ennenbach 

Ray Garton