Tony Evans

Tony Evans is a crafter of horror and dark fiction, father, wildlife biologist, and member of the Horror Writers Association. Originally from the Appalachian foothills of eastern Kentucky, Tony grew up listening to stories about mountain monsters and holler witches, and his love for these folktales shows in his writing. While he enjoys all types of horror, he definitely has a hard preference for stories about dark entities, demons, witches, and boogeymen. What’s strange is that he claims not to believe in any of these things, though he is known to turn all the lights on when he wakes up in the middle of the night and has to go pee. 

His writing influences include Stephen King, Neil Gaiman(especially his short horror stories), Clive Barker, and Ray Bradbury. Tony has published over twenty short horror stories in various online and print anthologies to date. His debut short story collection – Better You Believe – was released in February of 2019, and his debut novel – Sour – was released in October of 2019. He currently lives in Bardstown, Kentucky where he spends his time coming up with bad story ideas and trying to entertain his wife and two young daughters – his favorite little monsters. 

For a look into his daily life and to stay updated on any and all of his fiction and horror related projects, follow Tony on Twitter/Instagram: @tonyevanshorror, or visit